Starting in summer 2021, Frankfurt will biannually become the new home for a forward-looking fashion and lifestyle community with the Frankfurt Fashion Week (FFW), which is an integral part of the international fashion calendar. With its focus on the two future topics of sustainability and digitalisation, FFW stands for a change in the fashion and textile industry. A completely new Fashion Week Ecosystem is developing. The FFW will rest on four pillars with two core themes threading through them: Exhibitions, Conferences, Runways and Events incl. the Award Gala. All the pillars of the ecosystem will be progressively curated and staged, closely interlinked with international and local players. The two core themes are:

Applied Sustainability – For a sustainable Future. FFW is helping to take sustainability in the fashion business to the next level and holistically anchor it along the value chain. Innovation-driven, forward-thinking, together with the community.

Applied Digitisation – Digitising the Fashion Business. The FFW connects technology leaders and fashion players to create a platform for applied and digital innovations. The FFW also promotes networked business in the textile value chain and in fashion design processes.

Application for the Titel of World Design Capital – WDC-FRM26

With the application for the title of “World Design Capital” 2026, Frankfurt – in cooperation with its surrounding areas – wants to use the focus on DESIGN to innovatively advance and develop social, cultural, economic and environmental topics. The application process, which will last into 2023, is expected to have a conducive effect on the region’s identity: all generations living here are to be involved and contribute. Through citizen participation and concepts devised by the creative industries, impulses are to be set that will make the existing creative potential visible in the long run and with a high impact, thus strengthening the entire economy. The World Design Capital year 2026 will be the final highlight to boost the tourism industry and attract new throngs of visitors to Frankfurt. The WDC-FRM26 project – as well as the application process as a whole – enhances social cohesion and quality of life in the prospering FrankfurtRhineMain metropolitan region, which is becoming an international showcase for sustainable (urban and regional) design.


The CreativeTechAccelerator Programme is specifically aimed at start-ups from the creative industries that have a technological and digital focus. Analogous to existing programmes in the TechQuartier, it is a structured and solution-oriented growth programme targeted at strengthening the creative start-up scene and getting innovative solutions off the ground. The vision is to work with creative industry start-ups to build a dynamic cross-industry community of corporates, academic and government actors – in addition to developing a Creative Innovation Hub. The CreativeTechAccelerator marks the start and the first important milestone in the realisation of this vision. Growth support for founders, matchmaking with investors and networking with experts, industry representatives and other founders from the FrankfurtRhineMain ecosystem are the accelerator’s central components. The accelerator aims to bring together actors from the cultural and creative industries submarkets with innovative solutions and new technologies to strengthen the sector’s competitiveness and the region as a whole by activating existing potentials. To this end, 20 to 30 creative tech start-ups are to be brought to market maturity and supported in growth each year in regular programmes run by the accelerator.

House of Creativity & Innovation – HOCI

The House of Creativity & Innovation - HOCI embodies the industry’s importance as an economic factor and is a creative stimulus for the whole economy. The HOCI invigorates all industries with new ideas, drives change and development. The HOCI is a physical location in Frankfurt where creative minds work together with business, universities and start-ups in an interdisciplinary way on the future of the business location. With the HOCI, FrankfurtRhineMain will distinguish itself from other metropolitan regions that have already established creative houses.

The HOCI gives rise to more than merely creative ideas and concepts as it is …
- a hub for the cultural and creative industries,
- a place that bundles knowledge and radiates outwards,
- a place that attracts and retains talent,.
- a powerhouse for innovation and growth,
- a shaper of the digital transformation and
- a sparring partner for the economy.

Green Film & Media Festival Centre – Festival Centre

With 120 film festival days per year, Frankfurt holds an important position in the local and national film scene. The Festival Centre’s goal is to provide the festivals in Frankfurt with planning security, thus, perspective and development. The Festival Centre is planned to be a multifunctional building with screening facilities, event and meeting rooms. The optimal building for a festival centre meets the requirements for film and digital media festivals as well as the demands in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and state-of-the-art technology. The mix of uses contributing to its commercial viability is made up of profit-oriented and non-commercial events such as creative congresses, product presentations, gaming events, concert broadcasts or lectures, exhibitions and seminars.