A Dynamic Master Plan Process

December 2019

Kickoff Master Plan for the Creative Industries 2021–2026

Expert panel / Start of the Master Plan development process

January 2020

Development of the Master Plan / Its work process

Identification of strategic fields of action and resulting lighthouse projects. Elaboration of recommendations for action with the sector’s involvement as well as professional and scientific support from both the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the Zurich University of the Arts.

Conclusion from the Development Process

Focusing the topics and developing the Master Plan publication

March 2021

Release of the Master Plan for the Creative Industries

Naming of strategic fields of action with recommendations for action and lighthouse projects

Participation Process

Participatory formats in the cultural and creative industries and its stakeholders

Prioritisation of Recommendations of Action

Decision by the city council as to which recommendations are to be conceptualised, creation of framework conditions for the development of measures/recommendations for action

Concept/Draft/Planning of Recommendations for Action/Measures

Finishing for the Magistrate’s Decision

Magistrate’s Decision for the Realisation

Agreement by the Magistrate

Implementation Phase

2026 Ongoing Master Plan